Active Thermal Mass Solutions

The next steps in thermal mass

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The ‘Podcooler’ is an air treatment cooling device that can be used in commercial and domestic properties, fitting neatly underneath the ceiling.

The revolutionary Podcooler can offer cooling with zero energy input.

It cools air via a special wax that absorbs heat from the air, and freezes at night to replenish its cooling potential. It can be fitted as the diffuser on large concrete thermal mass systems, giving extra storage capacity or added in residential properties to prevent summer time overheating.

It requires no electrical input, maintenance and has a life span of  over 20 years.

“ Actimass Limited is at the forefront of research into the next generation of active thermal mass technology”

Home Thermal Mass Services Projects Podcooler About Us Contact Us

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Fitting is much the same as lighting with units suspended from cables or studding from either concrete ceilings or joists in traditional ceilings.

Actimass would like to thank the Key Fund and the Technology Strategy Board for supporting the product development, environmental and social aims of the business.

The Podcooler is protected by patent, trademark and registered designs.