Active Thermal Mass Solutions

See how thermal mass works

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See the 8 animations which demonstrate how thermal mass can be used to save energy and reduce carbon emmisions.

Active thermal mass can be designed and constructed into the building and can save capital cost and project time.

The whole life costs of such systems are extremenly attractive due to reduced energy costs and the reduction of maintenance costs.

Active thermal mass systems have few moving parts outside the plant room cutting ongoing maintenance compared to air conditioning.

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Principles behind Actimass systems

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Home Thermal Mass Services Projects Podcooler About Us Contact Us

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1. Stabilises temperature in heavyweight buildings.

3. Effects of radiant cooling

6. Heat exchange between air and concret3. Effects of radiant cooling


5. Winter heat recycling.

your mass

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4. Summer nights cooling

7. Combined air and water system

2. Influences temperatur es in buildings

8.  Podcooler - Diffuser with thermal gel latent turbo storage